SSL Certificates

Show folks
you’re secure.

An SSL certificate protects your customers, your
search ranking, and your reputation with:

  • Encrypted data transmission

  • Web browsers flagging you as “secure”

  • Increased customer trust

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What’s all the fuss
about SSLs?

Worth the hype, tbh.

Why? Because without one, you and your customers’ personal info can be intercepted during transmission to or from your site. Yikes. Plus many web browsers will flag a website as "not secure" unless it detects that it has a valid SSL certificate. Double yikes.

SSL certificates are really standard practice these days, so if you don’t have one yet, make today the day. Your website, visitors, reputation, and search ranking will ALL thank you.

Show you’re trustworthy

The "https” in your domain will show visitors they’re safe to be there.

Prevent attacks

Eliminate the risk of attacks when data is transmitted from your site.

Boost your SEO

You’re more likely to get a higher search ranking with an SSL.

Get compliant

An SSL is compliant with info privacy acts, like PCI DSS and HIPPA.

Display the site seal

The Sectigo Trust Seal signals to customers that they’re protected.

Hassle-free setup

Most SSLs are easily applied for, validated, and issued online.

Choose the SSL plan
that’s right for ya.

The SSL that’s included for FREE with your account provides industry-standard encryption and is recognized by major web browsers. For even more
features, select a plan from the SSL certificates offered below.


Warranty-backed up to $10k

  • Domain validated SSL 
  • Included Trustlogo® Site Seal 
  • Quickest/most cost-effective 
  • eCommerce SSL 

Available at only

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Secure domains & subdomains

  • Secures up to 210 domains 
  • Included Trustlogo® Site Seal 
  • 2048 bit signatures and 256 bit  
  • encryption 

Available at only

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The highest level of trust

  • Displays green address bar 
  • $1.75M warranty 
  • Highest level of protection and trust assurance 

Available at only

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All SSL plans include full PCI compliance, mobile device compatibility, a , and 24/7/365 support.

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Free SSL

Comes with hosting

Positive SSL

Annual price

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Annual price

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Annual price

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Domains included

Unlimited protection for domains and subdomains

Protects one domain, and one subdomain

Secure up to 210 domains on a single certificate.

Protects either one domain, or one subdomain.

Warranty level





Encryption level

2048 bit signatures /
256 bit encryption

2048 bit signatures /
256 bit encryption

2048 bit signatures /
256 bit encryption

2048 bit signatures /
256 bit encryption

Recognized by all major browsers


TrustLogo® Site Seal


Green address bar


24/7/365 support.
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  • Is the free SSL certificate really free?

    Sure is! This SSL is included at no extra charge when you purchase a hosting account. As HTTPS becomes more and more pertinent to search engine results, web browser behaviour, and overall web security, it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to keep our customers informed and protected. That’s why we provide this SSL certificate free of charge. Of course, for additional features you may certainly purchase an upgraded SSL for your account.

  • How does an SSL certificate actually work?

    For starters, a little “handshake" of sorts takes place between the hosting server and visiting web browser, which initiates the secure connection. A "session key" is then employed to encrypt all data transmitted between server and browser. This prevents any data passed between both sides from being decipherable by any third party. Intercepting data in this manner is often known as a "man-in-the-middle attack."

    In more simple terms? An SSL certificate encrypt communication between your site and anyone else’s web browser. Nice.

  • Where can I learn more about what an SSL certificate is?

    Our Knowledge Base has many articles that fully explain the intricacies of SSL certificates, what they are, how they work, and the various differences. The best place to begin would be here.