Basically a
time machine.

When tragedy strikes, just go back in time.
CodeGuard gives you peace of mind with:

  • Daily, automatic backups

  • Protection against viruses, hackers, & broken code

  • Three restores per month

Starting at only

Wait a minute, doc.
A time machine?

Yes, for your site.

Let’s say you accidentally break your website (whoopsies). Or maybe you get hacked, or attacked by a virus. If any one of these scenarios happen, you’ll wish you had a backup of your website to rely on. A copy of your site that allows you to go back in time and pretend this whole disaster never happened.

Insert CodeGuard. CodeGuard protects your website with daily, automatic backups you can access at any time. That way you can worry less about crashes and more about customers.

Daily backups

Have we said this part enough? No? Our backups are daily. DAILY.

File change monitoring

View changes and schedule monitoring all from a simple dashboard.

Email alerts

You’ll get alerted as soon as any sketchy changes are identified.

Great Scott!
Look at what ya get.


For small sites

  • Daily automatic backups 
  • 1 GB of storage 
  • Up to 5 websites 
  • Unlimited databases 
  • Unlimited files 
  • 3 restores per month 

Introductory offer


For web pros

  • Daily automatic backups 
  • 10 GB of storange 
  • Up to 25 websites 
  • Unlimited databases 
  • Unlimited files 
  • Unlimited restores 
  • On-demand backups 

Introductory offer

24/7/365 support.
We work when you work.

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  • Wait so, what exactly is CodeGuard?

    In simple terms, CodeGuard provides you with the ability to 1) monitor your website for threats, and 2) restore your website from a previous version should any attacks or accidents occur. Two things that provide great peace of mind. To learn more in depth about CodeGuard — its pricing, features, and more — here

  • What’s the CodeGuard restore process like?

    For starters, you get to decide what kind of restoration you’d like to do for your site, whether it’s a single file, database, or the entirety of your website. Once the restoration is finished, a backup of the change is created, and you’ll get an email indicating that the process is complete. Learn more about how CodeGuard restores work

  • How do I manage CodeGuard once I purchase it?

    Great question. This article explains how to log in to CodeGuard, and how to upgrade or cancel too. You also might appreciate this helpful video guide that’ll show you where to look for alerts of website changes, and how to set up notifications in your dashboard.